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solar racking and tracking systems

Waterproof Aluminum Solar Carport in Thailand-9.4KW

Jun 05, 2024

Installation Site: Thailand

Installation Date: 2024.3

Generating Capacity:9.4KW

Thailand, as an important country in the Southeast Asian region, is not only attracting tourists from around the world with its rich culture and beautiful natural landscapes, but is also demonstrating its potential for innovation and development in the field of renewable energy, especially the utilization of solar energy.
Thailand has abundant sunshine resources, which provides a natural advantage for solar power generation. With the growing global demand for renewable energy, the Thai government is also actively promoting the application and development of solar technology. Against this background, the solar aluminum carport racking system has emerged, which not only solves the parking problem, but also contributes to the development of green energy in Thailand.
Solar Aluminum Carport Racking System is made of high quality aluminum alloy material, which is corrosion-resistant, wind-resistant and shock-resistant. This racking system is easy to install, highly pre-assembled, and requires no welding or cutting during installation, greatly simplifying the construction process. In addition, the lightweight and aesthetically pleasing aluminum alloy material makes the bracket system uniformly smooth and resistant to abrasion, providing a solid support for the carport.
Kseng solar has successfully deployed several solar aluminum carport mounting projects in Thailand. For example, a 9.4KW aluminum alloy carport PV mounting project in Thailand demonstrates Moldex3D's expertise and technical strength in this field. These projects not only provide shade and protection for vehicles, but also utilize solar power to generate clean energy for the local community.

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