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37MW- Aluminum Solar Ground Mount in Japan

Jun 05, 2024

Installation Site: Japan

Installation Date: 2023.2

Generating Capacity:37MW

Japan, as a country with significant influence in the field of renewable energy in Asia, has been actively promoting the development and application of solar energy technology. Recently, a 37MW solar aluminum ground mounting system project was successfully implemented in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan, demonstrating Japan's latest progress in the solar energy field.
The aluminum alloy ground mounting system supplied by Kseng solar deftly copes with the installation conditions of uneven ground with its lightweight, stable, high load-bearing capacity, and high applicability. The system utilizes a helical ground-pile PV mounting solution, which effectively reduces costs and improves construction efficiency.
The Japanese PV market has high barriers to entry and strict requirements for product quality and technical specifications. kseng solar's aluminum alloy raw materials have passed the Japanese JIS specifications, which meet the application standards for PV carport construction in Japan. kseng solar has held a leading position in the Japanese market with seven consecutive years of No. 1 growth due to its excellent product quality and comprehensive local services.
Kseng solar is committed to helping customers build “safe, reliable, efficient and worry-free” photovoltaic power plants with its technological innovation, superior product quality and comprehensive localized services. The company will continue to take the mission of “making clean energy better protect the green home” as its mission to promote the global photovoltaic energy and zero-carbon development.

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