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solar racking and tracking systems

EXPO SOLAR & ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week 2024 - Kseng Solar Exhibited Cutting-Edge Solar Racking Solutions in South Korea & Thailand

Jul 05, 2024

From late June to early July, Kseng Solar participated successively in the EXPO SOLAR 2024 in South Korea and ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week in Thailand, making a high-profile appearance at the two expos and taking the opportunity to showcase its extensive solar racking solutions tailored for residential and C&I applications, which attracted considerable attention from industry experts and visitors.

Presented Products

-      KST Solar Tracker

-      Roof Solar Mounting Solutions: Large Gap Roof Mounting System, Ballasted Roof Mounting System, Tile Roof Mounting System, Metal Roof Mounting System

-      Ground Solar Mounting Solutions: MAC Steel Ground Mounting System, Aluminum Ground Mounting System

In recent years, the solar energy market in Asia has undergone rapid development, with South Korea and Thailand emerging as key regional players with significant potential. Recognizing the market's expanding needs, Kseng Solar, with its years of deep expertise in solar mounting systems, offers its versatile residential and C&I solar racking solutions to meet the diverse demands of these growing markets.


Dedicated to providing solar racking and tracking systems provider since 2015, driven by dual manufacturing bases and vertically integrated production systems, Kseng Solar will consistently deliver high-quality solar racking solutions and support to local clients, advancing a sustainable future for Asia and the world.

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