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solar racking and tracking systems

121kW - Solar farm mounting system in Japan

Jul 10, 2024

Installation Site: Japan

Installation Date: 2024.7

Generating Capacity:121kW

Japan Solar Racking Farm uses aluminum alloy racking technology, a system that not only adapts to a variety of terrains, but also offers a high degree of flexibility and stability. The racking design utilizes lightweight, high-strength materials to ensure durability in all weather conditions.

Environmentally friendly: The use of recyclable materials for the racking reduces the impact on the environment. Also, the modular design of the system facilitates future upgrades and maintenance.

The deployment of solar racking farms in Japan is expected to significantly reduce the cost of solar power generation. By improving energy capture efficiency and reducing construction and maintenance costs, solar power generation becomes more economically viable. In addition, the application of the system will promote local employment and the development of related industrial chains.

With the promotion of solar farm system, Japan will further enhance its leadership in the field of renewable energy. This will not only help reduce dependence on fossil fuels and lower greenhouse gas emissions, but will also improve energy security and promote sustainable economic development.

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