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solar racking and tracking systems

Solar Tin Roof solar mount in Japan-320KW

Jun 06, 2024

Installation Site: Japan

Installation Date: 2023.12

Generating Capacity:320KW

The Japan Metal Roof Solar L-Foot Racking System is a solar PV panel mounting solution designed specifically for metal roofs. The system utilizes an L-shaped bracket design that fits perfectly with the roof structure of metal roofs without the need to drill holes or damage the roof, making the installation process quick and easy.

Technical Features

Strong compatibility: The L-foot bracket system is suitable for a wide range of metal roof structures, with wide applicability.
Easy Installation: The use of non-perforated installation reduces the damage to the roof during installation and extends the service life of the roof.
Structural Stability: The L-shaped design provides better support and ensures stable operation of solar panels in all weather conditions.
Aesthetically pleasing: The design of the racking system is simple and modern, complementing the aesthetics of the metal roof.
III. Application Scenarios

The system is suitable for a variety of scenarios such as commercial buildings, industrial plants, residential roofs and so on. Whether it is a new project or a renovation and upgrading of an existing building, the integration of solar power generation can be easily realized.

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