Can anyone recommend aluminum mounting system to use on metal roof, with minimal penetrations? Sep 09,2021

Many people are Looking for a cost effective aluminum rail mounting system to use on my metal roof, with minimal penetrations.

For the most cost-effective solar panel roof mounting bracket, there are several options, but the following factors need to be considered before doing so.

1/Note also the width of flat bottom channel on the metal roofing you have between raised ridges/corrugations. 

2/wind load and snow load

3/Don’t bend roofing seam to fit a clamp. Doing so will void a roof’s warranty. Kseng Manufacturers make a wide variety of clamps for all metal roof types. Find a clamp that fits correctly.

4/Orient rails east-west when seams run north-south. This provides for maximum system strength on a standing seam roof,the standing seam provides strength in the N-S and the rails provide strength in the E-W directions respectively.

5/Use the right self-drilling screws. Use types that are made for self-drilling through a metal roof into wood. These screws typically have a gasket on them for waterproofing. There are special self-drilling screws for going into heavier metals, too. 


Here are some of Kseng`s rooftop solar mounting project cases.

1/ China -18MW solar roof mounting structure case:

 The roof mounting bracket kits:  the thin film mid clamps and thin film end clamps, RF0036 roof clamps, aluminum alloy rails...


2/Vietnam-4MW solar panel factory roof mounting bracket case:


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