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solar racking and tracking systems

Aluminum Solar Carport in French-7KW

Jun 05, 2024

Installation Site: French

Installation Date: 2023.6

Generating Capacity:7KW

France, a country known for its romance and art, is also a pioneer in continuous exploration and innovation in the field of renewable energy. As an important branch of green energy technology in France, solar aluminum carport racking system is contributing to the sustainable development of the country.
Solar Aluminum Carport Racking System is an innovative solution that combines the functions of a parking shed and solar power generation. This system is usually made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, which is corrosion-resistant, wind-resistant, and shock-resistant. The solar panels mounted on top of the carport not only provide shade for vehicles, but also utilize solar power to generate clean energy for the surrounding environment, making it an ideal choice for modern buildings and green transportation.
Aluminum carport photovoltaic racking provided by Kseng solar is a highly efficient and reliable solar power generation equipment. Designed for commercial, utility and residential carport structures, this racking system is easy to install and comes highly pre-assembled. No welding or cutting is required during installation, greatly simplifying the construction process.
With the growing demand for renewable energy in France, the application of solar aluminum carport racking systems is promising. These systems not only help improve the efficiency of solar power generation, but also promote the development of the local economy and environmental protection.

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